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Creative studio
for interactive content

We create websites, awesome virtual tours
and everything else in between

Selected works

Barcelona Pavilion

Photography - Web design - Web development

Milano in 360

Photography - Web design - Web development

La Fabrica

Photography - Web design - Web development

Tucidide 56

Photography - Web design - Web development

Development process

First step


A study and analysis of the needs of the project is carried out to identify the problem, gather information and make an offer.
Second step

Information Architecture & wireframing

We will develop the structure of the digital space of your website (pages, sections and what information will appear where), and design the wireframe of the pages.
Third step

Content creation

On this step, we will create all the content for the website, be it photography, 3D assets, video, graphics, and more. Later, we will finish up the design of the website.
Fourth step

Web development

Lastly, we will develop the website, responsive to all kinds of devices (pc, mobile and tablet) and then it will be ready for publication.

The studio

We are an independent multidisciplinary studio located in Milano and Barcelona, focused on creating and developing websites, virtual tours, interactive maps and immersive experiences with 360° Video, Photography and Virtual Reality.

Our founders

Tiago Loureiro

Web designer // Photographer

Photo of Tiago Loureiro - Founder of Parallel VT
Julio Cesar Mesa

Architect // Photographer

Photo of Julio Cesar Mesa - Founder of Parallel VT